A look at Iran

THIRTY-eight years ago, Iran was perhaps the most dangerous place in the world to visit. Even just three years ago, it was difficult and risky to travel to. Now, it is an emerging tourist destination luring travellers from across the globe.

Tourism to the Middle Eastern country has increased almost tenfold in the past two decades, with Iran welcoming more than 5.2 million foreign visitors to its shores in 2015, according to figures from The World Bank. And Australians certainly aren’t immune to its allure.

Figures from Intrepid show there has been a massive increase in Aussies booking trips to Iran. This year so far, 50 per cent of Iran bookings through Intrepid have come from Australian travellers, compared with 35 per cent in 2016.

Interest in the historic Persian Gulf nation is so hot that the global adventure travel company has had to add the country to the list of some of its tours, most recently its Real Food Adventures tour.